Marsal Gifra

"Let's be limitless in our dreams and fearless in our pursuits"



As an entrepreneur over the past twenty years, I have founded or cofounded several business ventures in pioneering fields at the time. Notable among them are: Terra Networks (1998), one of the world's largest web portals owned by the telecom giant Telefonica; Latinia Interactive (2000), a leading European mobile application service provider; Galactic Suite (2007); a first mover company in the emerging industry of space tourism. Currently, and steered by a pioneering instinct, I am pursuing new projects and ventures in partnership with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Terra Networks

  Internet Portal

In 1996, I created my first start-up. After two years, Telefonica Interactiva bought into the project, and joined the founding team of Terra Networks.

  In the news: "Terra Networks agrees to buy Lycos in $12.5 billion trans-Atlantic deal" The Wall Street Journal (2000)

Terra's Management Team

Terra's Management Team. Credit: El Mundo

Latinia Interactive

  Mobile Software

Shortly after Terra's successful IPO, I left to found a new startup venture, Latinia. A wireless company pioneer in providing advanced messaging services.

  In the news: "Latinia Corp. launched by former Terra Networks executives; $5 million secured" Business Wire (2000)

Latinia's Sailing Team

Latinia's Sailing Team. Credit: Pierick Jeannoutot

Galactic Suite

  Space Tourism

A few years after, I sold my company and decided to pursue my life's passion. In 2007, I cofounded Galactic Suite, a commercial space venture.

  In the news: "With thousands signing up as early space tourists, a new race is on" The New York Times (2007)

Galactic Suite's Space Resort

Galactic Suite's Space Resort. Credit: Galactic Suite



Space exploration is my passion in life. Furthermore, I truly believe that Space holds the key to the future of our planet and all of its inhabitants. As a space advocate, I am involved in several space ventures that aim to make a positive impact on both space travel and life on Earth.

100 Year Starship

Starship Research

In 2011, I was selected to participate in the 100 Year Starship, a project seeded by DARPA and NASA to make deep space travel feasible.

  In the news: "100 Year Starship Initiative: An interstellar leap for humankind?" BBC (2012)

100 Year Starship Team

100YSS with Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
Photograph thanks to R.Olabisi

Icarus Interstellar

Interstellar Science

In 2012, I was invited to join the project Icarus Interstellar, a research initiative seeded by BIS and TZF dedicated to advance interstellar flight.

  In the news: "Warp drive research key to interstellar travel" Scientific American (2014)

Talk at World Starship Congress

Giving a keynote talk jointly with Dr. Joe Ritter.
Photograph thanks to T.Amato

Homo Spaciens

Space Advocacy

In 2011, I founded a space advocacy initiative, Homo Spaciens, devoted to increasing the public support for human space exploration.

  In the news: "Seeing Earth from space is key to saving our species from itself" Motherboard (2016)

Talk at Thau School

Giving a talk to secondary school students.
Photograph thanks to X.Matito



Teaching is my other life's passion, and inspiring and motivating students is my motto. Currently, I combine my entrepreneurial work with teaching activities, serving as part-time faculty. Graduated in Business Administration from Ramon Llull University.

IQS School of Management

Global Marketing

Lecturing on International Marketing from an entrepreneurial mindset.

Talk at the University of Lima

Giving a talk on global megatrends (Lima, 2013).
Courtesy of Lima University

EAE School of Business

International Business

Lecturing on International Business from a geoeconomic perspective.

Talk at the Anahuac University

Giving a talk on leadership (Mexico DF, 2014).
Courtesy of Anahuac University

EINA School of Design

Lean Entrepreneurship

Lecturing on Lean Entrepreneurship from a business design approach.

Talk at the IESEG University

Giving a talk on space exploration (Paris, 2015).
Courtesy of IESEG University



During the past ten years, I have been constantly analyzing global trends, paradigm shifts, disruptive innovations and breakthroughs in science that have potential to make real change. This has allowed me to build a foresight capacity and get involved in forward-thinking ventures.

Q Singular

Strategic Foresight

In 2014, I founded Q Singular, a think-lab dedicated to incepting new ideas that may become potentially game changers.

  Innovations Report: "10 breakthrough technologies" MIT Tech Review (2016)

The Flywheel Concept

Creative concept for urban mobility and air travel.
Courtesy of Studio Schwitalla

Megatrends Watch

Futures Research

In 2015, I was appointed to lead the Megatrends Watch Institute, a think-tank focused on analysing global megatrends.

  Megatrends Report: "The upside of disruption" Ernst & Young (2016)

The Columbia Glacier

Retreat of the Columbia Glacier in Alaska.
Courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory


Disruptive Innovation

In 2016, I was invited to partner with Nu4Mat, a talented team of tech artisans devoted to creating futuristic concepts.

  Futures Report: "Industrial revolution 4.0" World Economic Forum (2016)

The Robot Pepper

Pepper, a robot designed for human interaction.
Courtesy of Aldebaran Robotics